Warehouse Storage Systems and Solutions

Secure Your Stock, Reduce Damage, Optimize Space, Increase Productivity and Accuracy


Space Utilization







Whether for heavy unit loads like pallets or smaller loads like totes and cases, storage is a fundamental requirement of every distribution center.

Yet storage is a paradox. On one hand it adds value by providing a critical buffer between your processes and your customer. But on the other, it adds significant real estate, building, and inventory costs.

Armstrong Dematic offers a wide range of storage solutions designed to minimize and mobilize your stock. We can help you organize and control inventory on pallets, cartons (totes), and garments-on-hangers. No matter the scale of your facility, the type of inventory, or how it’s packaged, our storage solutions offer your business important advantages.

Warehouse Storage Systems and Solutions

Benefits we Offer

Armstrong Dematic’s storage solutions are modular so your system can be tailored to meet your business needs. They’re also scalable, allowing your system to grow right along with your operations. With our AI driven BI software, you’ll have up-to-date data on your inventory and valuable insights into your operations.

High Density Storage

High Density Storage

Efficient, Accurate & Reliable

Efficient, Accurate & Reliable

Zero Damage

Zero Damage

Maximising Floor Space Utilization

Flexibility for peak periods and seasonal products

Reduced Operational Cost

Integration with WMS

Applications and Uses

Several innovative warehouse solutions are available to help fit more inventory into your warehouse space, while improving access, visibility, and speed. Typical applications and uses of warehouse storage solutions are:

  • Automated storage and handling
  • Ingredient/component store for manufacturing
  • Dispatch buffer
  • Order fulfilment engine
  • Picking areas with manual or automated replenishment
Warehouse Solutions

Different Types of Warehouse Storage Systems

Armstrong Dematic’s storage systems range from static shelving and racking all the way up to fully automated systems. From large volumes of fast-moving product to slower movers with lots of inventory, Armstrong Dematic provides these options:

Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems help organise stock, access it quickly, optimise space and reduce reliance on labour.

A typical automated warehouse storage system includes a high-density shelving system and robotic load handling devices, which move products in and out of shelving. For pallets, this is likely to be a storage-retrieval machine (SRM) such as the Armstrong Dematic UL1200 I. SRMs are also referred to as cranes. For smaller items stored in cartons or totes, this could be a miniload AS/RS or a multishuttle system.

Switching to an automated warehouse storage system from a forklift or fully manual system can vastly improve product handling efficiency and provide a safer warehouse.

Benefits of Armstrong Dematic’s Unit Load AS/RS

High-Density Storage

Storage & Retrieval Machines (SRMs) rapidly move loads of up to 1,500 kilograms in and out of a secured rack structure that can be over 42 metres tall. With single, double and multi-deep satellite storage options, Armstrong Dematic Unit-Load AS/RS systems offer outstanding space utilisation in ambient, chilled, or freezer environments.

Efficient, Accurate, Reliable

Armstrong Dematic Unit-Load AS/RS systems operate in an efficient “lights-out” environment. They are designed for mission critical applications to ensure easy maintenance and maximum uptime. The latest controls technology ensures high efficiency and accuracy.

Rapid Access with Minimum Labour

With different options for moving single or multiple loads in a single cycle, Armstrong Dematic SRMs can achieve throughput rates as high as 60 loads in/out per hour. Intelligent software and controls allow these systems to operate unattended around the clock.

AS/ RS system

The significance of Unit Load Stacker Cranes for businesses cannot be overstated. These advanced material handling systems play a pivotal role in optimizing warehouse operations by efficiently stacking and retrieving unitized loads.Our customers capture a pleathora of benefits via streamlined storage, improved inventory management and reduced labor costs. Unit Load Stacker Cranes are essential tools in meeting the demands of modern supply chains, enhancing productivity, and ensuring seamless distribution of goods.



Maximum Load


Machine Height

60 Double Cycles / Hr


Unit Load Stacker Crane

Armstrong Dematic provides a comprehensive portfolio of Mini-Load Automated Storage/Retrieval Systems (AS/RS) to handle the most challenging storage needs.

Ideal for manufacturing or distribution operations, they provide rapid access to trays, totes, or varying size cartons in a high-density and energy efficient storage structure.



Maximum Load


Machine Height

80 Totes/Hr


Mini Load Stacker Crane

The award winning Armstrong Dematic Multishuttle stores, buffers and sequences products between bulk stock and other functions such as picking and order assembly. The system can dramatically increase speed, storage density, accuracy and throughput in warehouses, factories or distribution centres

Benefits of the Multishuttle

  • Exceptionally High Throughput Rates : Dual Cycle, Drive Through and Tandem lift configurations – combined with high-speed shuttles and intelligent controls – provide rapid access to inventory with throughputs as high as 1,200 loads in-and-out per hour.
  • Efficient, Accurate, Reliable : Armstrong Dematic Multishuttle systems operate in an efficient “lights-out” environment. They are designed for mission critical applications to ensure easy maintenance and maximum uptime.
  • Modular and Flexible : Dematic offers a variety of models including static, flex and belted shuttles for handling totes, cartons and replenishment of carton flow racks. The system adapts to building configurations, including existing buildings with lower ceiling heights. Additional shuttles can be easily added to provide more throughput.
  • High-Density Storage : The multi-depth, intelligent storage of varying size cartons creates outstanding space utilisation in ambient, chilled or freezer environments.

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