Armstrong Dematic's automation solutions for E-commerce help its customers keep inventories efficient with minimal errors.

The present-day B2C business transactions are vast. Due to the same, today's E-Commerce industry is scaling exponentially. The changes in the business methodologies and the pitching-in of technology has made the handling of complex business like E-commerce more challenging. The demands, diversification, and repetition keep mounting which turn out to be more than difficult to solve at later stages if given a deaf ear.

The business breadths with varied interests and choices through the internet and other technology mediums give businesses the signals to adapt and hence adopt automation.

Scalable and cost-effective automation systems are designed for the Omni-Channel user experience that manages large number of SKUs, various order profile, seasonal demands, and shorter order fulfillment cycles. Armstrong's automation solutions for E-commerce help its customers keep inventories efficient and minimal errors.

Challenges of E-commerce Industry

Supply chain




Heaps of
stock-keeping units

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Armstrong is your technology partner. Our solutions minimize the dock-to-stock time and make the operations swift as well as error-free. Our trusted systems and solutions can not only reduce the day to day cost of your facility but also can assure life-long and precise operation with maximum utilization of resources.

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