We are committed to helping communities and contributing to rural upliftment

With this in mind, our manufacturing plant was established in a rural area to boost local employment.

We regularly employ people with physical challenges in roles that enable them to become independent. Being so, Armstrong Dematic has not only made their lives better in all aspects but has also given them new dreams to look up to.

We support a school financially and by being a part of the management committee. Eminent personalities are regulars at the school, imparting industry insights to students and motivating them to pursue their dreams. We provide the school with the newest methods of education and hence bringing in innovations in teaching and learning.

Armstrong Dematic also contributes to making
future engineers industry-ready

Effective 'Industry-Academia' collaboration works wonders for budding engineers.

Armstrong Dematic’s Robotics course at MVP’s Robotics Lab, Nashik, has efficaciously trained two batches of engineers who are now conversant and confident to face the challenges in the industry. The 1:2 theory:practical ratio of the training conducted by experts from Armstrong is integrated with the engineering curriculum. The highlight of the course is the exposure given to the students to various kinds of robotics applications in the industry.

To reduce our carbon footprint, our factory was designed as a ‘green building’. The rainwater harvesting system has made us water-independent. Through a 50 KW solar project installed in 2013, our factory also harnesses solar power.

Armstrong Dematic Corporate Responsibility Policy

Solar power generation and rainwater harvesting

School for global citizens

Tribal skill development

Robotics labs for students

Enabling Leadership with 'Just for Kicks'

Composition of CSR Committee of Armstrong Machine Builders Private Limited:

Sr.No. DIN Name of Director Designation
1 02070793 Vineet Mohan Majgaonkar Chairman
2 00350394 Pranav Mohan Majgaonkar Member
3 02070951 Vina Pranav Majgaonkar Member

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