Dock Automation Solution

Minimise dock to stock time effectively with our dock automation solutions

Businesses belonging to the Retail, E-tail and Express Courier industries undergo constant disruptions. Flexible solutions that make their processes and operations easy are hence a vital necessity. Receiving and dispatching inventory can be a complex process. There is a need to minimise dock-to-stock time effectively through docking equipment that easily removes shipments from freight truck.


Graffias is an intelligent dock management system that propels dock throughput by 4 times. Reducing the physical efforts by 40 %, identification scanners in tandem with the telescopic conveyor prevents wrong material in and out of the warehouse both digitally and physically. With Graffias at inbound and outbound, our inventory analytics gives you 100% accurate and real-time visibility of your inventory. With an eye of video analytics on your dock, you can quickly track and trace the damages and pilferages. Our system helps you track the vehicle space utilization, thus combining the information on how much air you transported.

Armstrong Dematic’s ML-based video safety analytics triggers alarms on detection of violation of safety norms. Graffias replenishes your market with speed and precision, multiplying your profits, and furnishing ROI within less than a year.


Operators can move heavy or awkward packages into or out of a container/truck rapidly – and with little effort with this conveyor. A comprehensive range of optional functions such as operator platforms, lifting aids and articulating conveyors can be added to your Telescopic Conveyor, so that it is custom-built to suit your requirements. Fitting a mobility unit means that your conveyor is able to move between multiple doors – or be moved away from the door to allow for forklift traffic. An intuitive smart-pad on either side enables precise control of the boom’s elevation and telescopic movement.

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