Advanced Software

Empower your business with an AI-driven BI software

Introducing you to a Software that makes your operations Faster, Smarter & Cheaper! Armstrong Dematic’s AI driven BI software creates a real-time warehouse environment that you can trust. To ensure fast order fulfillment and optimal material movement, the Warehouse Control System allows tracking of every unit down to the smallest detail.

The system ensures an efficient flow of products across various material handling equipment such as conveyors, sorters, and AS/RS systems.

Advanced Software

Elevate Warehouse Efficiency with Our Advanced Software

Step into the future of warehouse management with our advanced software that offers a plethora of benefits. At the heart of our state-of-the-art solutions like the ASRS sytem, Cross Belt sorter and Dock Automation System lies an intelligent software that redefines how warehouses operate. Seamlessly integrated into every solution, this cutting-edge software optimizes processes, predicts demand patterns, and ensures precision in inventory control. Experience unparalleled efficiency and accuracy as our intelligent software transforms your warehouse into a hub of streamlined operations and strategic advantage!

  • Uses historical sales data and demand forecasts to optimize inventory levels and reduce stockouts and overstocking
  • Optimizing the layout of the warehouse to maximize inventory density and minimize storage costs
  • Fastens order fulfillment

  • Analyzes labor productivity data to identify areas for improvement and thus reduce labor costs
  • Optimizes energy usage
  • Implements improvements based on data analysis to increase efficiency
  • Optimizes logistics processes to reduce transportation costs

  • Optimizes the routing of ASRS to reduce travel time and increase throughput
  • Optimizes the allocations of inventory to specific locations in the warehouse which improves picking efficiency
  • Optimizes transportation route to reduce delivery time and transportation cost
  • Optimizes labour scheduling to align with peak order fullfilment

  • Track inventory levels to avoid stockouts and optimize replenishment
  • Monitor machine performance to detect issues and reduce downtime
  • Identify bottlenecks and optimize order processing
  • Track labor productivity to improve efficiency
  • Monitor transportation routes & delivery times to optimize logistics

  • Optimizes the routing of ASRS cranes & thus reduces travel time and increases throughput
  • Analyzes order processing times and helps reduce travel time between picking locations
  • Optimizes transportation routes to reduce delivery times and transportation costs
  • Optimizes labor scheduling to align with peak order fulfillment times

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