Micro-Fulfillment Solutions

Embrace the future of fulfillment with our advanced solution

Space requirement, labour costs & consumer expectations are constantly rising putting supply chains under pressure to find ways to achieve more with fewer resources. To make the most of your business, it’s essential to consider the right level of automation for your business. This is where Armstrong Dematic’s micro-fulfillment solution comes into play.

What is Micro-Fulfillment?  

Easily visible lights located directly on the storage slot indicate from where the next item is to be picked. A display signals the number of items to be retrieved. After retrieval, the order picker acknowledges the process by pressing a button and the display switches off. All information is exchanged in real-time with the master materials management or warehouse management system. Armstrong Demaitc’s Pick & Put to Light systems use light displays to direct operators to specific stock locations.

How does it Work? 

  • Online orders are downloaded to a software management system, typically integrated on a broader software network. The automated system brings items in totes from storage racking to workstations where operators pick the needed items and pack orders for pick-up or delivery.  
  • Micro-Fulfillment solution software allows retailers to reclaim ownership of consumer shopping data to create personalized shopping experiences. Ultimately, consumer data is the key to unlocking and maintaining consumer loyalty in today’s shopping landscape where consumers expect brands to know their individual preferences. 
  • Micro-fulfillment solutions not only can provide the flexibility to meet evolving consumer demands, but also the ability to profitably fulfill online orders in locations near consumers. They allow retailers to shift to a future-forward, omnichannel distribution and fulfillment strategy. 

Unlocking Efficiency & Growth Advantages via a Micro-Fulfillment System 

Streamlined processes and automation lead to faster order fulfillment, reducing turnaround times and increased customer satisfaction.

Utilize small urban footprints more effectively, bringing fulfillment centers closer to consumers for quicker deliveries.

Easily expand your fulfillment capacity to meet growing demands and adapt to changing market needs.

Access to real-time data enables better inventory management and decision-making for improved performance. 

Effortlessly integrate with existing inventory and ERP systems, creating unified and cohesive operations.

Provide faster and more reliable deliveries, resulting in a positive and memorable shopping journey. 

We help build a seamless shopping experience & overcome 3 key challenges 


Urbanization poses challenges in building a seamless shopping experience due to the increased population density, limited space for infrastructure, and heightened demand for quick and efficient deliveries in densely populated areas. Moreover, navigating through heavy traffic and logistical complexities in urban settings is an added hurdle in ensuring a truly seamless shopping experience.

Rapid Delivery 

Ensuring timely and reliable deliveries requires streamlined operations and strategic placement of fulfillment centers to meet ever-increasing customer expectations for quick and hassle-free service. Hence, the requirement for streamlined order processing, effective inventory management, and optimized last-mile logistics becomes a significant factor contributing to the challenge of achieving rapid delivery and creating a truly seamless shopping experience.

Labour Constraints 

The challenge of labor constraints in establishing a seamless shopping experience arises from a scarcity of skilled workers, potentially causing order fulfillment delays, obstructing efficient inventory management, and affecting the overall quality of customer service. Ensuring adequate staffing levels and investing in training and technology becomes essential to mitigate these constraints and deliver a smooth shopping journey.

Secure the future of your business with Armstrong Dematic's Microfulfillment solutions 

The solution blends the hardware with the AI driven BI  software. This empowers customers to maintain data control while seamlessly integrating with inventory management, warehouse, and ERP systems, uniting all stores, distribution centers, and corporate offices onto a unified platform. 

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