Palletizing & Depalletizing

Achieving consistent high throughput with unbeatable accuracy.

We provide a variety of palletising systems that have applications in various industries where the solutions can be integrated into existing or new lines

Robotic Palletization is usually used to automate the production processes with high volumes. The assigned robots pick the cartons from the production line and place them on the pallet for storage or shipping. With Armstrong Dematic's robotic palletizer, you can attain drastically higher throughputs and thereby improve ergonomics of the workplace. We provide Robotic Palletizatizing for cartons, crates, containers, etc. of all shapes and sizes. For your customized requirements, we offer innovative robotic solutions designed for the planned pallet load and matrix. Armstrong Dematic’s robotic palletizer costs you just negligible but in turn, raises safety levels and improve working conditions of your complex distribution operations.

Robotic palletiser/ Depalletiser

Pallet Conveying (Centauri)

Pallet Lifts (Capella)

Pallet Profiling

Our robotic palletizers can help you attain drastically higher throughputs and thereby improve workplace ergonomics.

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