Sumeet Kurhade

In January 2021, he became a father to a beautiful baby girl! She was three months old during the upsurge of the threatening second wave of covid-19. Being a responsible father and an equally committed member of Armstrong Dematic, he realized his call of duty and moved out of his house to ensure the health & wellness of his daughter, wife & parents and managed to take complete charge of all the work at our plants. This episode touched the heart of everyone working at Armstrong Dematic and developed profound respect for him. This is one of the many instances when he proved to be a leader & lived by his success motto “winners don’t do different things, they do things differently” from the book ‘You Can Win’ by Shiv Khera.

A hardworking and determined boy with a twinkle in his eyes, was the pride of his parents. He completed his primary schooling from K.N. Kela high school, Nasik. During these years he focused on academia, was adored by his teachers & had very few friends. He attended high school at JDC Bytco college, where he developed a holistic skillset. He not only made many friends but also ensured to take efforts to interact with students across different disciplines. From being the class monitor to a sincere student and a kind friend, he did it all. That was the first time he realized the joy of being a leader. As a kid he had set his priorities right and knew what he aspired to become in life.

Sometimes we stand at a juncture in life where luck seems bleak. Unfortunately, he missed the opportunity to study in one of nation’s most coveted engineering college by mere 2 marks. Although heartbroken his goal in life was far more defined now. He went on to complete his diploma from K K Wagh Polytechnic and secured the prestigious third rank. He was now one step closer to living his dream. He knew that he had to strive for excellence and wouldn’t settle for anything less than the best. He was so determined in his resolve that he wrote ‘Mission Pune’ on his desk to remain focused.

He believed, affirmed and manifested his mission to complete his life-long dream of becoming an engineer from Sinhgad college Pune, from where his meritorious journey began. His family’s happiness knew no bounds and he made them proud. Right after graduation his heart beckoned him home and he started working in India’s largest industrial manufacturing company at Nashik where his subsequent goal was to become a leader.

After some years of industrial experience, he completed a course in automation, that opened avenues for him to start his inspirational journey at Armstrong Dematic. Four years ago, started as a design engineer, today he has successfully transitioned into a leader and renowned for his self-managed skills. He holds the view that leaders are artists who handle operations using two important tools known as Autonomy & Alignment. The former means allowing people to uphold their individuality and work in their sphere and the latter means to get them aligned to the vision and mission of the organization. He is all praises for all his colleagues at work and regards them as his greatest friends.

This loving son, doting husband & protective father has set his next milestone to continue to make lives of everyone around him easy through his exclusive designs. A few years down the line he sees himself building world class automation designs & be surrounded with the brightest minds.

The entire Armstrong Dematic family cannot wait to see him bring laurels for Armstrong Dematic and take its name to greater heights. We wish him good luck for all the future endeavours.

Ladies & gentlemen, this is the story of Sumeet Kurhade- The pride of Armstrong Dematic, and what’s your story?