Rahul Sonawane

He cried in the dark being written off to rear cattle. That’s the way rural folks treat dyslexia. He only saw jumbled letters and not a word. His inherent limitations of reading and writing had left him to milk the cows. He felt dejected, unaware of his own ailment, without any remedy.

Otherwise he had been a child with a ceaseless curiosity for machines – busy disassembling bicycles and motor bikes at the first opportunity. His hunger to practically learn things and solve complexities wouldn’t let him sleep. Every day he would swallow his tears in despair and bewilderment.

That’s when his uncle brought him to Armstrong Dematic as a helper – and Voila!! He was nothing less than Alibaba in the cave of treasures! Couldn’t believe himself that he was amidst a creed of innovators who designed path breaking engineering solutions. He worked hard and quickly scaled up from helper to fabrication supervisor in a span of 5 years.

Armstrong Dematic admired his curiosity and offered him the space to learn each day and experiement his quirky creative ideas. It bolstered his confidence to help him complete his mechanical diploma on the side lines. He worked day in and day out. From handling technical decisions to managing the manpower efficiently on customer site was something that he always did phenomenally. He flew globally to install Armstrong Dematic’s automation systems but stayed rooted to his soil. Today he works as a manager at Armstrong Dematic who is always ready to accept and execute challenges.

Not only has Armstrong Dematic transformed his life but he has also evolved strong and been a pillar of the company. Here is a man who innovated himself at Armstrong Dematic! That’s Rahul Sonawane!

And what’s your story?