Mayur Bacchav

A young boy graduated as an ENTC engineer and started his career in the Automation department at Armstrong Dematic. Armstrong Dematic engineering is like an art of painting. Right use of colors at the right place creates all the beauty! The department demands people who know not just the science but also the art, and the taste of what makes it easy to create and perfect to use.

For automation to work like a catalyst for the customers’ business, it takes efforts that are beyond programming and logic. “Having spent plentiful time at several customer sites, I have mastered the art of finding solutions before the problems are raised.” says he. He has been a game-changer for a number of projects in the carved history of Armstrong Dematic.

He posed questions in the unnoticed areas, he challenged practices that were usually followed which gave birth to the full-proofing of systems, bringing in standardization and reduction in the execution time of a project. Armstrong Dematic proudly awarded him the Innovation award for his remarkable contribution towards innovation and for being an inspiration to many. “The freedom to innovate and experiment is what drives me.”

Not only is he a valuable teammate but he has also proved himself as a successful leader. They say, “people don’t leave companies, they leave their bosses.” The team built by this 27 year old Assistant Manager boasts its year-on-year association with him as well as the organization and the rest is history! Armstrong Dematic congratulates him for his exceptional contribution for the growth of the organization and wishes him a journey full of innovation and success! That’s Mayur Bacchav. And what’s your story?