B’noy Jobalia

He was brought up in the city of dreams, the city of talent, and in the city of enthusiasm. Mumbai. Being her child, he carries her traits and says, “Dream BIG, Aim big, work harder than your capabilities and importantly, Stop not 100 !!”

While the university gold-medal rolled down his neck on his graduation day, it was a tear-jerker for his parents. But he was on no cloud nine. His dreams were bigger than their imaginations and he was yet to achieve them.

Showered with praise and three promotions in just six months in an MNC, he was easy on the eyes at his first job after graduation. Yet he felt hungry – hungry for challenges, and intellectual growth. He couldn’t settle for less.

“I knew it was the one for me Armstrong Dematic. When restless, in our thoughts we re-live the moments that we cherish. And that day I was dragged towards this charming place of machines. I wanted to live the liveliness of the place which was driven by innovation and filled with opportunity. I wanted to be a part of the team that had only shaken hands with me in my day-long meeting as a young boy along with my father back in 2008.”

It was in 2012 that Armstrong Dematic welcomed this supremely talented young boy as a design engineer. Though a consistent best-performer, his hunger to capture, explore, and achieve more grew with every passing day. He was an unstoppable whirlwind. Along with designing, he took up new product development, project management, and execution. Of course all at a time, for the kind of unwavering he was. Every day was a new chapter of challenges that made him feel content. Being at Armstrong Dematic, he enjoyed his career journey, and also mastered the art of engaging with people. He developed peculiar relationships with customers whilst executing massive projects as a face of Armstrong Dematic.

The projects executed by him worked like magic machines. He had greatly contributed when it came to customer loyalty that Armstrong Dematic was bestowed with. And so was it the time for him to jump into and explore a new world as a salesperson. He began selling Armstrong Dematic’s cutting edge technology across the globe. His methods, skills, attitude, and approach at work have always kept him ahead of the league bringing in hundreds of trusted customers for Armstrong Dematic. He is a youngster with a business-vision with tremendous energy for achieving bigger who always plays to win.

“Had I not been with Armstrong, life wouldn’t have been LIFE. Today when I look back, it is Armstrong Dematic that I would define as ‘life’ to me. I am heartily grateful towards it for identifying, channelizing, and upgrading the talent and energy in me. I cannot thank the team enough for having endless faith in me as an engineer until today as a board member.” From being a design engineer to now being Director- Sales, like he always did promise, he has grown with Armstrong Dematic. But we believe that Armstrong Dematic has grown with him too! Our heart swells with pride as we salute this versatile genius for his determination towards work and contribution to the exponential growth of Armstrong Dematic.

That’s B’noy Jobalia.

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