Zenith of Accuracy & Efficacy at the ‘Dock’


Launch Date
Jan 2020

Nagpur, India

Any Warehouse Dock is a critical zone where transactions occur between internal and external stakeholders and has an associated risk of Financial Losses. India’s largest 3PL & service provider with PAN India reach were going through the similar product tracking complexities & end of the line perplexes. Inefficiencies and losses due to dependency on myriad work-force were the hindrances in achieving the ideal targets at the dock.

That was the time when they joined hands with Armstrong Dematic to address their issues. Armstrong Dematic team took up the challenge to Improve the profitability & throughput of dock operations. The project was kicked-off with the objective of improving operational efficiency, zeroing product damages, minimizing human intervention, enhancing worker safety & ergonomics, and offering real-time visibility.

Armstrong Dematic’s Graffias – the intelligent dock management system was chosen to meet the objective. Graffias, with its integrated DMS that interfaces real-time with customer’s ERP/WMS, coupled with high end identification system & a Telescopic conveyor, generating data with the product flow, proved to be an exact troubleshooter for the client.

Graffias zeroed the wrong dispatches with 100 % dispatch accuracy. The throughput increased 4X with 60% reduction in floorspace. Losses due to damages & pilferage were completely eliminated with 100% visibility of product, people & process.

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