Multiply profits & throughputs through Robotic Palletiser – A stepping stone to Lights-off!


The COVID19 pandemic is exerting huge amount of pressure on the supply chain through uncertainties, sporadic supply-demand cycles and unavailability of workforce. To tackle these challenges, building supply-chain resilience is the key & Automation coupled with Robotics is the stepping-stone to it.

We have come to a juncture that deploying Automation is a must for business continuity & a mandate to survive in these unprecedented situations. To help you take informed decisions in automating your operations, this blog article by Armstrong Dematic will help you understand the benefits of transforming your palletising & end of line operations through Robotic Automation. 

Effect of COVID19 on FMCG & Retail Operations:

We can see the FMCG and Retail industry transform before our eyes and the surge in eGrocery and eCommerce has supported rapid growth in the industry. The demand is sky-rocketing and businesses in this industry are feeding to multiple channels at once. Consumers have raised their expectations and expect lightning speed order fulfilment and delivery. It is driving decision makers to look at situations differently to meet increasingly diverse customer demands. To accommodate this demand, production is growing organically. In-order to increase supply, players  are consolidating production & parallelly expanding warehouses in the same footprint and also coming up with new green-field facilities.

Productivity increment is at the cross hair & expansions are on the rise. The push for a change to build supply chain resilience can be felt across all industries. At the same time, cost reduction is crucial. Decision makers are focusing on Increasing space utilization & operational velocity in-order to reduce total cost of operations & increase profits. To add to this, the focus on reducing “Human touch points” is at the highest priority.

End of Line and Pack to Palletise operations in the FMCG & Retail industries are the most critically affected due to high contact & low manpower

Automating the End of Line or Pack to Palletise operations is one stepping stone of going from Touch-less to Lights out! This will not only reduce the touchpoints & increase the safety quotients of your operations but also translate investment made in robotic automation into direct profits!

Drivers to Robotic Palletising & Pack to Palletise Automation:

  • Revenue Loss
  • High Op-Ex
  • Low OEE – Overall Equipment Effectiveness
  • Inefficient utilization of upstream and downstream machinery
  • Low Productivity
  • Bottlenecked Palletising Area

Whether you are palletizing product at the end of the line or depalletizing it in upstream front of your line or palletizing it downstream, every function matters. Right from production, packing, consolidating, sorting and palletising. A solution has to be specially designed to address specific pain areas and operations vulnerable to productivity loss. Armstrong Dematic’s rich experience of two decades coupled with a consultative approach makes operations faster, smarter and cheaper. This is done by optimized layouts We apply the right design principals & offer world class technology & solutions. A sortation cluster for your end of the line palletising needs is the best way forward. Handling variety of SKUs, in terms of size, payloads, cycles and pallet matrix. Configure your systems as per your production plans just by clicking a button on our IIOT 4.0 Industry 4.0 based solution where data flows with the material.

The machine learning backed intelligent system is backed by artificial intelligence to automatically detect errors in operations caused by unwanted manual human intervention.

Utilizing your valuable workforce for mundane task of pick & place eats into your Op-Ex – Operating Expenditure. The out-turn is slacked-off throughput, low ergonomic quotient, frail pallet built with zero product visibility.

Armstrong Dematic’s Cepheus is a swift and smart palletizing solution that provides a consistent high through-put and superior pallet build quality. It integrates the data with upstream and downstream systems to give complete traceability of product position on the pallet.

Multi-fold your turnover and eliminate inefficiencies in your operations by deploying Robotic Automation at your warehouse. The cumulative effect of reduction in manpower, increase in space utilization and accelerated operations bolsters your velocity to market with huge volumes and wide variety. This increases your productivity and in turn your profits scale up!

At the same time with video analytics for safety and an ergonomic design, and product handling care makes your work environment even safer and healthier to work in.

Why Robotic Palletiser?

  • Multi-fold increase in turnover
  • ROI less than one year!
  • 100% Visibility & Traceability with real time track and trace – cross check serial numbers & codes with intelligent product scanning technology
  • High palletizing throughput
  • Reduction in Operational Expenditure through High Productivity
  • Optimize manpower
  • Zero damages & pilferages
  • Seamless integration with upstream and downstream systems
  • Process safety
  • AI & Machine Learning, Video analytics driven annunciations for product discrepancies or anomalies
  • Consistent 24×7 performance

Applications of Robotic Palletising & Pack to Palletise Automation:

Easily handle myriad range of product types with consistent performance: irrespective of product & SKU size, weight, working times, ambient or ergonomic conditions can have a profitable impact on your operations. Systems specifically designed to address customer needs can be used for:

  • Case Palletising
  • Crate Palletising
  • Bag Palletising
  • Shrink Pack Palletising
  • Tin Palletising

Integration with Upstream & Downstream Systems:

  • End of line conveying and sorting at upstream
  • Cross dock or feed to warehouse
  • Smooth integration with Automated Storage & Retrieval System
  • Pallet dispensing and pallet conveying solutions at downstream
  • Pallet profiler ad-on for higher accuracy
  • Pallet packing solutions integration

Armstrong Dematic’s robotic palletiser increases your profits & makes your operations faster smarter and cheaper through intelligent automation

 Why Armstrong Dematic?

Armstrong Dematic is India’s biggest Intralogistics automation company, with 20 years of experience, over 1000 projects, in 14 countries. We build intelligent intralogistics solutions. With innovative know-how, we automate your inbound, outbound, storage and sorting operations. Our uniquely crafted solutions double your productivity, with 100% visibility and eliminate pilferage. To enhance your profitability, we deploy Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Business Intelligence. All our customers including Fortune 500 companies engage us for years together. If you wish to make your operations Faster, Smarter and Cheaper, your search ends at Armstrong Dematic. 

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