Vertical Conveying

Reclaim valuable floor space, add production capacity

Space is scarce and to make effective use of it, Armstrong Dematic’s vertical conveyor systems are the way to go

Armstrong Dematic’s vertical conveyors with their robust structure and appealing aesthetics are designed to carry various types of loads at heights of up to 6 meters. Vertical reciprocating conveyors by Armstrong Dematic are a safe, economical way to raise and lower materials in factories, warehouses, industrial plants, institutions, or anywhere that products or supplies need to move from one level to another.

Vertical reciprocating conveyors provide fast, efficient and convenient access to/from mezzanines, balconies, basements, and between levels in multiple story buildings. They can be installed for through-floor, interior/exterior applications or an unused elevator shaft. The principal components of VRCs include guide columns, carriage, and a mechanical or hydraulic actuating mechanism.





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