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Armstrong Dematic is a global leader providing AI & BI enabled intralogistics & warehouse automation solutions


Our multi-disciplinary teams work on the localisation of products, systems, and local R&D to deliver solutions to address the specific challenges of supply chains. To enhance your profitability, we deploy robotics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and business intelligence. Our repeat customers include fast-growing companies through to Fortune 500.


Drive Impact with Armstrong Dematic

We enhance your profitability, by deploying Robotics, AI & BI Driven Intralogistics Solutions

Armstrong Dematic combines global knowledge with local expertise, deep understanding of industry drivers and success across industry segments to focus on solutions that meet your specific requirements.


Multifold your turn over and gain competitive advantage with our warehouse automation solutions



Explore warehouse automation solutions through our 360-degree technology confluence


We work in close partnership with you to understand your business, your operations and objectives to design and implement systems that are tailored to your current and future requirements.

Our solutions are built around process improvements, modular, flexible, scalable automation and performance optimising software to optimise your operations and ensure you stay ahead in your market

Maximize your Warehouse Storage Space

Benefits of our Warehouse Storage Systems

  • Fully optimized use of space
  • Increased product security
  • Flexibility for peak periods and seasonal products
  • Improved accuracy
  • Scalable solutions that grow with your business

Armstrong Dematic warehouse storage solutions are modular so your system can be tailored to meet your business needs. They’re also scalable, allowing your system to grow right along with your operations.

Our software, gives you up-to-date data on your inventory and valuable insights into your operations.

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    Being innovative enthusiasts in the intralogistics & warehouse automation solutions industry, we participate in and arrange various shows & events. The participation makes us more productive and One Armstrong Dematic

    CII’s National Award for best Automation solution provider

    50th Robotic Palletizing Cell

    Thought leadership and policy catalyst at leading industry forums

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