Company Events

DAY 1:

A wave of enthusiasm!!!!
Shades of talent in Armstrong Dematic sparkled with creativity.
The first day of the event ONE ARMSTRONG DEMATIC began with a funfair where the air was filled with ardour.
The day took a turn when Armstrong Dematic’s talent came up with their artistic dance and vocal performances and plays.
The audience remained hooked throughout the day and took away memories to cherish for a lifetime and needless to say the Day 2 of ONE ARMSTRONG DEMATIC!!

DAY 2:

Play not to explore but to win, and relax not to refrain but to explore!! The Day Two of One Armstrong Dematic was a day so memorable for all as it gave a motive to win, spirit to play and a will to explore. A day for games out on the field was as mesmerising as the day before!

The Armstrong Dematicers in Red with out-and-out energy were engaged in recreating methods to win the games. Though competitive with the team standing opposite, the bonding of the squads remained intact.

One team, One family, One Armstrong Dematic was the biggest achievement of the enthralling day!!!

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