Identification Systems

Comprehensive identification systems that enhance your automation and IT environments

The dimensioning, weighing and traceability of a product are made feasible with the identification systems by Armstrong Dematic.

High-speed production & packaging lines in manufacturing and storage are the norm in modern logistics. Inspection and identification systems become crucial for quality control and real-time tracking of products.

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  • Integration with blue tooth cordless/with cord scanning secures wireless transmission of data
  • Multi-line rasterizing scan pattern & has wide working range
  • Plug-and-play
  • Single cable connects to any computing environment

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  • Easy & Quick integration with an optimized reading field for wide range of product identification with an intuitive SOPAS user interface

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  • 99% accuracy rates of difficult-to-read characters. Achieves the highest character read rates while keeping misreads to a minimum.

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Armstrong Dematic Identification System is useful for quality control and real-time tracking of products.

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