Ratnakar Shinde

We keep tokens of memories not because we would forget those moments, but because those moments are beyond the life-death cycle and we wish to preserve them.

When asked, “What memory is closest to your heart?” It brought tears to his eyes.

What made him cry like a child?

“I lost a price-less thing recently” said he with a heavy voice.

Back in 2002, a skilled welder, joined hands with Armstrong Dematic. A boy who ran behind calves all-day to return home, eat raw veggies and sleep was now drowned in passion. His day started by reciting Armstrong Dematic’s vision with our founders. He now spent days welding jobs. His day ended with his head rested on his mother’s lap with potato slices laid to calm his burning eyes. “My life was fueled with Armstrong Dematic’s goal of becoming a ‘world-class automation solution provider’. Everyday I worked harder than yesterday so that Armstrong Dematic’s goal could be achieved just tomorrow” says he.

His incredible ability to translate the vision into reality gave birth to a leader in him. From being a welder, he worked as a production supervisor who then represented Armstrong Dematic across the globe as a Production and Assembly Manager. ‘Speedy delivery’ has been his motto at Armstrong Dematic for the last one and a half decade. To take it forward in broader aspects, it comes as no surprise that he now heads the standardization department at Armstrong. His outstanding knowledge, expertise and leadership is paving Armstrong Dematic a way to success. This grounded person never strove to create followers but shed sweat to cast leaders like him. “Armstrong Dematic is my home. I will work to build it till it gets into a perfect shape” says he.

“Your son is a gem and we are so fortunate to have him as our backbone” said our founders to his mother. Her heart so proud of her son’s success made her shed tears from the right eye.

“My mother worked hard to earn a daily wage of 10 rupees and saved every penny for my education. I once requested her to lend me money to make my journey towards college easier. She did not have enough to offer me yet without a second thought she borrowed it from a neighbor for me. For the first time that day, I saw her work- hardened hands and heart filled with love for me. I kept the same 10 rupee note close to my heart since then, and thought of gifting it back to her some day when I would be capable of supporting my family well. Armstrong Dematic made me a responsible son of my parents. Had I not joined Armstrong Dematic I would not be what I am today. But I recently lost the token of our hard times. I lost the memory of my mother’s hard-work to raise me. I lost the memory of my childhood. I lost the price-less thing of my life” he said weeping.

Armstrong Dematic is utterly proud of this empathetic unparalleled child of his parents and the strong influencer of Armstrong.

That’s Ratnakar Shinde.

And What’s your Story?