Pranita Rajhauns

Her boldest decision was to stand out of the crowd and take up Robotics as her career. She was doubted, her knowledge was questioned, she was ridiculed and she was ostracised. Only because, she was a woman on the man’s turf. Her career choked after having a child, a family to be looked after. She was struggling for an opportunity, but the hardships were endless, the criticsm was boundless and at a point when she was about to give up, she met her creed. “What does not break you, makes you stronger,” they said. Armstrong Dematic welcomed her with open arms and believed in her, offering her the flexibility to manage her little one.

She is not only talented but also a perfectionist and an epitome of commitment. “The shopfloor is like a home to me. I feel energised and inspired with Robots. Robotics is now my second child without which I would be miserable,” she says. Robots dance to her miraculous tunes while she draws her strength from them.

Her tears arouse the intense mother in her when she returns home to hug her longing daughter.

Armstrong Dematic applauds her dedication and salutes the Loving Mother within this bold and brilliant woman – The Queen of Robotics!!
That’s Pranita Rajhauns,
And what’s your story?