Nishant Jadhav

‘Where there is will, there is a sky full of opportunities that can shower success on you!’

This is what he believed in.

No crests and only troughs was the grim reality of his family. As machines started ruling human lives, their family business of handmade gold chains began to perish and eventually saw no future. Finances were shaken. He was compelled to earn for his family to sustain when all he wanted was to not quit education. “I so ardently wanted to know how a Computer had become the bicycle of human minds” he said.

The state of his family would be pitiful only if the two brothers weren’t empathetic enough to face this stark reality of endless challenges. That very moment he made ‘optimism’ his soulmate. Walking miles and knocking every door on his way, he searched for a job. Armstrong Dematic heard his knock with all ears. It was year 2010 when he joined in as an office boy at Armstrong Dematic.

Introvert but keen, uncommunicative but sharp he found time balancing his painstaking daily routine to learn what he always wanted to, THE BICYCLE OF HUMAN MINDS- THE COMPUTER! Like Dronacharya was to Eklavya, YouTube was to him. He emulated Ekalavya and learnt everything from HTML to photo editing to graphic designing.

Armstrong Dematic couldn’t resist the urge to train him professionally in every subject he wanted himself to excel having seen his exceptional commitment to knowledge. His inquisitiveness was like a traveller in a desert in search of water. He developed his expertise in a time slice and soon was one of the astute minds in building and designing softwares in-house for Armstrong Dematic. “Without Armstrong, I couldn’t have befriended computer and technology” he says.

An exemplar who is now a Graphic Designer and Hardware Networking Expert at Armstrong Dematic, with his two siblings (also working at Armstrong Dematic) supports his family well. He now also aims to complete his education he had to cast away years ago.

Armstrong Dematic felicitates his dedication and compliments an unparalleled child of his parents.

That’s Nishant Jadhav, the Ekalavya of Armstrong!

And What’s your Story?