Robot Palletizer Helps Leading FMCG Brand to Optimize Operations with Quick ROI

When India's most admired edible oil brand was on a mission to increase their production and distribution capabilities across the nation to cater to one million outlets, they joined hands with Armstrong Dematic!

Manually palletizing different varieties of SKUs like Pouch Cartons, Tins and Bottles had challenges like throughput limitation, lack of operational visibility and difficulty in meeting market demand.

To handle 18 production lines efficiently, Armstrong Dematic automated the system by providing 11 Cepheus - an intelligent Robotic palletizing solution, which gives 100% visibility of the operations and meets high throughput and volume requirements for different varieties of SKUs. The proposed solution handles Pouch Cartons, Tins, Bottles, with weight varying from 10kgs to 20kgs.

Robot Palletizer

Optimised Operations

Streamlined warehouse automation system optimizes carton handling, sorting, and palletizing for efficient storage and dispatch based on WMS directives.

When cartons are received from the packing line, they are dynamically check weighed with the provision for rejection. Proper accumulation is provided for better flexibility. Uniquely designed gripper handles both Cartons and Tins along with Empty Pallets. Before Palletizing, the system identifies and sort the SKU based on barcode, weight and colour.

Products are then palletized as per the defined matrix (designed for high throughput). Filled pallets are then transferred either to storage or dispatch based on the request from Warehouse Management System (WMS). Empty pallet stacking conveyors allow continuous pallet buffer to be maintained

Robot Palletizer

Benefits & ROI

By completely eliminating the Labour cost at the packaging area at individual lines, the 2OI of the system is just 2.5 years. The 2obot Palletizers (4 and 6 axis) take very little space and seamlessly integrates with existing material handling equipment

  • Smooth Handling of the product and efficient stacking of the boxes and tins on the pallet
  • Minimized the forklift movement in the production area, with improved safety and product quality
  • Eliminated human intervention and made warehouse safer by eliminating the ergonomics strains of manual processes
  • Reduced the labour count required for palletizing at individual production lines
  • Conveyed filled pallet of Tin, Pouch, BIB and PET line to New warehouse
  • Provided automated empty tin feeding system to TIN filling lines
  • Accommodated future needs of the plant by considering variation in size and weights of Cartons/Cases.

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