Why Stretch Wrapping Automation is Ideal for Your Business

Stretch Wrapping Automation is Ideal for Your Business

In the grand scheme of things, packaging might seem like a minuscule part of the operations. However, your goods need sufficient packaging before delivery. Packaging is a crucial aspect that earns customer satisfaction and keeps the goods in compliance with regulatory guidelines. Thus, skipping out on quality packaging is not an option. By automating the stretch wrapping process in your warehouse, the benefits for your business are endless. Armstrong Dematic’ packaging system solution is a positive addition to your warehouse.

What Can Stretch Wrapping Automation Do for You?

Added Protection for Goods

This is quite obvious; having a stretch wrap around the packages in your warehouse will add a layer of protection to them. If you have chosen the right materials, this will offer protection from the elements, dust, and even minor structural damages that the packages have to withstand. Delivering tidy and dry packages to your customers is one way to earn their loyalty. If the contents of the packages are sensitive and need to be protected from sunlight, you should explore stretch film options with UVI. This will ensure that the contents remain safe for extended periods.

Enhanced Control Over the Inventory

After packaging, most goods look the same to a layperson. Having transparent stretch film wrapped around the products makes it easier to distinguish them. Being able to separate and store similar products together can make doing inventory checks easier. Eliminating the need for scanning goods for identification is an easy way to improve warehouse productivity.

Improve Load Stability and Security

Automated stretch wrapping means more goods can be sent out in the same load and faster too. Even then, the packaging is done in such a way that no amount of jostling will undo the work done by the stretch wrap machine. A tight wrap means nothing can get into the load easily and hamper the products. If you have had complaints about product damage, then consider stretch wrapping to improve the load stability as it is taken around.

Better Handling During Shipping

There are numerous ways to keep goods protected during shipping, and proper packaging is one worthy of assessment. With a stretch wrap over the pallet, the goods being shipped out can be arranged better in any container. Stacking goods on top of others is the standard practice, and with stretch wrapping, you can have more stacks without the risk of toppling. No matter what kind of shape the shipping container is, stretch wrapping guarantees a flexible yet stable arrangement.

Better for Finances

If you stick to wrapping goods by hand, time consumption and sloppy work are not the only issues that you will encounter. Compared to manual wrapping, stretch wrapping machines use much less wrapping film. This grants you the chance to cut back on the costs of wrapping film. Another benefit of using a lesser amount of film is that the tensile strength of the material is increased in the process, making it capable of better protecting the goods.

Wrapping Up

For someone stepping into the industry, automation may seem like an expensive component to incorporate into their business. Understand that whatever the initial investment is, automated warehouses will give you a complete return on that in less time than you expect. Armstrong Dematic’s equipment is a choice that will clarify this for you.

As a versatile packing option for many businesses, the clear wrap is a final touch before you can ship the goods. Since wrapping and removing clear wrap is easy and quick, starting with stretch-wrapping automated machines in your warehouse is a smart move.

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