The Future of Production: Exploring Robotic Palletization

Future of Production

The future of production is rapidly evolving, with automation and robotics taking center stage in reshaping industries and supply chains. And one groundbreaking technological innovation that holds immense promise for revolutionizing manufacturing and logistics is Robotic Palletisation.

Replacing traditional manual palletizing processes, Robotic Palletisation brings the precision and efficiency of robots to the forefront. With its ability to enhance productivity, streamline operations, and position businesses for success in an increasingly automated world, this cutting-edge approach is set to transform the way we approach modern manufacturing.

How Robotic Palletising Works?

The products are seamlessly fed into the robotic cell using an efficient infeed conveyor system. To begin the palletizing process, a pallet is placed in the designated loading area either through an automated pallet dispenser or with the assistance of the palletizing robot. The robot carefully selects one or multiple products at a time and swiftly and accurately positions them onto the pallet. The pattern is meticulously constructed layer by layer, incorporating slip or tier sheets if necessary.

Once the pallet is fully loaded, it is smoothly extracted from the robotic cell via the outfeed conveyor. From there, it can undergo stretch wrapping or other downstream procedures as required. The palletizing robot starts the cycle anew with a fresh pallet.

With its versatility, robotic palletizing systems have the capability to handle a diverse range of products, ensuring efficient palletization for various industries and applications.

Primary Applications of Robotic Palletisation

  • Bag Palletisation: Optional equipment can be added prior to the palletizing cell to enhance the process of palletizing bags. This includes checking weight, bag flattening, bag labeling, or bag squaring, which help reduce order inaccuracies and improve load stability. To ensure the bags are picked up without puncture, end-of-arm tools with “clam” style grippers are commonly used. Additionally, applying an interlocking stacking pattern and tier sheets to the load further enhances load stability.
  • Case, Row, and Full-layer Palletizing: Robots are highly versatile when it comes to palletizing various types of cases. These cases can differ in terms of shapes, sizes, weights, and materials. From corrugated boxes to plastic cartons and even aluminum or metal cartons, the robots can handle them all efficiently. Moreover, the robotic machines can create rainbow pallets by arranging a single SKU per layer while accommodating multiple SKUs per load.
  • Custom Palletising Options: As a customer, you can benefit from Armstrong’s customized robotic palletization options. With expertise in designing and constructing tailored solutions, Armstrong’s team of engineers specializes in creating advanced robotic palletizing systems. These systems have proven successful in challenging environments, including refrigerated warehouses and handling heavy and hazardous materials like scrap metal and batteries. By implementing these customized solutions, Armstrong clients have significantly reduced operational hazards for their workforce.

Features/ Benefits of Robotic Palletisation

  • Better Precision & Consistency: Robots are exceptional at achieving and maintaining precise positioning and consistency when palletizing different products. By leveraging their advanced capabilities, they effectively minimize errors and guarantee uniformly stacked pallets.
  • High Speed of Palletising: With their exceptional speed and efficiency, robotic palletizers are the ultimate solution for increasing production throughput and meeting even the most demanding production schedules.
  • Reduction in Labor Costs: By automating palletizing tasks, businesses can streamline operations and minimize the need for manual labor. This saves time and results in substantial cost savings over time.
  • Easy and Simple Reprogramming: Robotic palletizers offer seamless reprogramming capabilities, allowing swift adaptation to any alterations in product specifications or palletizing patterns. This exceptional flexibility helps businesses to optimize production processes effortlessly.
  • Ensure Products’ Safety: Advanced robotics ensures gentle and precise handling of distinct products, significantly reducing the risk of damage during palletization.

Attaining a Consistently High Rate of Output with Armstrong Robotic Palletisation Solutions Robotic Palletization automates high-volume production processes by using robots to pick cartons from the production line and place them on pallets for storage or shipping. With Armstrong’s advanced robotic palletizer, you can achieve significantly higher throughputs, improving workplace ergonomics.

Our robotic palletizing solutions cater to cartons, crates, containers, and more, regardless of shape and size. We offer innovative robot configurations designed for your unique pallet load and matrix requirements. Despite its low cost, Armstrong’s robotic palletizer greatly enhances safety and improves working conditions in complex distribution operations. Our range of palletizing systems can be seamlessly integrated into existing or new production lines, making them versatile solutions for various industries.

Summing Up

Robotic palletization holds immense potential for revolutionizing production and logistics in the future. Its precision, efficiency, and adaptability offer businesses a powerful tool to enhance productivity and stay competitive in an increasingly automated world. Armstrong, with its ultra-precise robotic palletizing systems, Armstrong is at the forefront of this technological advancement. By embracing robotic palletization, industries can experience increased throughput, improved workplace processes, and enhanced safety.

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