Order fulfilment transforming at light speed!

Order fulfilment transforming at light speed!

The demands of omni-channel distribution center and order fulfillment are driving the adoption of more advanced put-to-light hardware and software. Retailers are tasked with meeting not only traditional in-store requirements associated with keeping product on the shelves, but also the challenges of e-commerce, including: high volume of individual SKUs, seasonal peaks and each picking scenarios.

Managing the large number of SKUs whilst breaking the high volume of product quantities into individual customer orders, prospects high inaccuracy, inability to cope up with the demand, pilferages and opacity. Faced with these competing demands, DC and FC managers seek order fulfillment systems and processes that maximize workforce productivity and minimize errors.

Order fulfilment transforming at light speed!

Why PTL is a must-have?

Put-to-Light systems are an effective automated sortation method to break larger quantities of product into individual customer orders, using light devices to direct operators to ‘put’ items. Sometimes the Put-to-Light approach is referred to as ‘scan and sort’. Products that are typically batch picked beforehand is brought to a put station. Operators scan bar codes on individual pieces, then lights turn on at any individual customer orders requiring that product. Catering to the diverse industry requirements, a put to light system delivers complete stock control through configurable inventory function.

Put-to-Light systems utilize software to configure and manage the light-directed order fulfillment process. Today some of the leading Put-to-Light software products are sophisticated order fulfillment execution systems offering a variety of advanced features and options. Retailers and wholesalers are a prime candidate for using put to light systems in their distribution operations, since order fulfillment is performed on a regular schedule with many of the same items being sent to all or a majority of the stores. Typical delivery schedules may range from daily, every other day, three times a week or perhaps once a week.


  • Package sortation for express courier
  • Spare part distribution in automotive
  • Cluster Picking: multi-order pick cart
  • Kitting in consumer electronics
  • Order Picking & consolidation
  • Multi-line order fulfillment for E-commerce & fashion retailers

A pick and put to light expedites the fulfillment process, enabling e-commerce and omnichannel retailers to maintain the speed to market by meeting order delivery commitments. It ultimately augments the revenue and furnishes benefits helping you to scale up.

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