Connecting Your Operations Network With Armstrong Dematic’s Intelligent Warehouse Management Software

As supply chains become increasingly pressured, effective performance management has become important not only within individual facilities but also across operations.

We have developed a strong and dependable warehouse management system to help our customers maximize performance and meet consumer demand. Our system generates data required for an accurate, real-time picture of inventory across the entire supply chain, with real-time dashboards and data analytics for both labour and equipment performance to improve resource utilization. Our intelligent software is designed to optimize material movement in the warehouse, allowing you to track every unit down to the smallest level of detail for improved order fulfilment which in turn optimizes material movement. It ensures that product flows efficiently across various material handling equipment such as conveyors, sorters, and ASRS systems.

What Is Warehouse Management System?

A warehouse management system (WMS) provides visibility into a business’s entire inventory and manages supply chain fulfillment operations. By coordinating and optimizing material flows, companies can maximize their labor and space. As a result of today’s dynamic, omnichannel, fulfillment economy, connected consumers want to be able to purchase, fulfill, and return products anywhere. In order to meet this need, companies need warehouse management software that optimizes fulfillment capabilities. Our cloud-based warehouse management system enables you to prepare for tomorrow’s supply chain.

The WMS Cloud extends supply chains to align inventory management and fulfillment services with modern purchasing practices, and provides real-time inventory visibility. Armstrong Dematic’s Warehouse Management System helps customers control and manage day-to-day operations in the warehouse. The WMS guides inventory receiving and put-away optimizes picking and shipping of orders and also advises on inventory replenishment. WMS can either be a single application with one solution or it can come as part of an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system that is a whole new level of the system with multiple solutions integrated with it.

It allows users to have a centralized system where different warehouse management tasks are managed through an interface on a man-held/portable device. This makes the operation of a warehouse both efficient and easy while ensuring minimal to no losses. A smart warehouse management system brings real gain in customer service and paves the way for every product with its features of re-order or producing.

Benefits Offered By Armstrong Dematic’s Warehouse Management System

Enhanced Efficiency

Productivity rises as a result of improved task planning and control, as well as optimized processes. Depending on workload, all tasks are distributed optimally. Thus, as a result, the error rate is reduced and customer satisfaction is enhanced.

Increased Throughput

Optimal process configuration allows our customers to automate the picking, packing and dispatch operations while reducing the number of transports per order. This enables them to achieve faster delivery times.

Stock Reduction

Stock management allows the customers to know the location of the goods. Our intelligent warehouse management system provides complete visibility of the goods from receipt to dispatch, thus helping in the improved management of goods. This helps reduce stock, save time and cut down capital commitment significantly.

Optimization of Storage Location

Cross-docking and a variety of integrated strategies aid in storage location optimization and the reduction of storing positions.

Reduced Costs

Purchasing a Warehouse Management System is an investment that must yield quick ROI. When designing a solution, we always keep this in mind.

We assist you in optimizing your business and steering it in the right direction in the long run.

Way Forward

Armstrong Dematic’s Warehouse Management System (WMS) is a versatile, comprehensive, and efficient warehouse management system for warehouses and fulfilment centres.

Through a variety of enabling technologies ranging from data analytics and machine learning to lights-out robotic automation, it integrates planning, operations, people, and equipment to provide unprecedented levels of flexibility, labour efficiency, and fulfilment accuracy.

Software is the fundamental aspect of our intelligent warehouse management system which helps solve technical and business challenges. Our dedicated team of experts support customers throughout the process, providing guidance at every stage of the project cycle which helps our customers leap forward from traditional automation to a fully connected flexible system and gain an edge over their competitors. To deploy Armstrong Dematic’s intelligent warehouse management system, get in touch with our industry experts today.

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